Tring namely basically a combination of motley Internet features beneath one domain appoint Offering a wealthy order of features including social networking IP telephony, online gaming, shopping,video & photo sharing, short messaging service and e-mails, the website intentions to provide its users with a consolidated source as forever their absences Besides offering the aforementioned features, YouTring also offers a award points system, as well as a refer-and-earn agenda In the former, a buyer can obtain Trings, as the online currency on YouTring to redeem them for calling and SMS plans as well as exciting products which include iPods and mobile phones etc. These Trings are earned according the consumer meanwhile he involves surrounded assorted activities aboard the website such as uploading and sharing movies and photos, writing blogs, playing games, chatting with other users, etc. Under the refer and obtain agenda users obtain to obtain Trings while the website gets new members resulting from the existing user's invites.

All the features of YouTring are affable to the buyer once he downloads the websites application, named Tringpad,aboard his system. Unless mentioned otherwise, a majority of the features are procurable as free.

SoftPhone: This namely the telephony section of the website that offers users with calling options using IP telephony. Simply put, the softphone uses the Internet to acquaint cost-effective phone calls nearly he world. The feature includes a contact account for storing one's contacts, a recharge option from the website itself and a call list that displays always incoming and outgoing call details. The main USP of the softphone lies in the fact that it can lead to major savings as a purchaser while likened to normal telephony surrounded case of long distance calls.

Mingle: This namely the community chatroom of the Tringpad. Users can chat with their peers and likewise agree within film conferencing via the Tringpad's distinctive voice-video-text chat interface.

Cafe': The blogging section of YouTring, Cafe' namely an amalgamation of blogging, participating surrounded forums, sharing photos and movies and forming and joining groups based aboard one's interest. As mentioned earlier,all these activities guide to users earning Trings.

iTV: The internet TV,alternatively iTV for short, feature provides users with free outlooking of TV channels from around the world through live film flowing The image quality is extremely clear and users can likewise upload their own channels forward submitting the respective URLs. There are assorted sections such as news movies 510811-002 Nike Lebron 9 Low Fireberry Wolf Grey,music etc. that display channels pertaining to the same.

Games: The gaming section of YouTring encompasses games across a diversity of genres such as strategy, adventure, action arcade, etc. and allows users to play games online as free.

SMS and E-mail: This section of the Tringpad provides users with the facility of sending SMS at spent effective rates and e-mails for free. Besides this, what makes this section especial is that the client can bring mails from his account at assorted modish websites such as Yahoo, gmail, msn,etc. Since YouTring has knotted up with the same as their e-mail service.

Tring-Shop: This section allows users to market for their favourite products online and acquire them delivered to their doorstep. Users can rather from a diversity of brands below the categories of family entertainment, apparels and accessories gem green foamposite, electronics, etc.

While there are many websites that are offering these services individually, YouTring's USP lies surrounded the fact that it offers always these services below one roof Foamposites Translucent,hence making it a one-of-a-kind latent bearing product The website has received good response from the masses and namely on the alley to transformed one of the most influential online adventures of the present daytime.

For more information, visit: YouTring.
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