Sony Ericsson W760 namely a fully fraught candy bar means slider phone charted with the mean client and the tech fanatic in mind. This is one of the highest caliber phones aboard the mall without a touch screen interface. What it absences among touch shade goodness,notwithstanding it more than makes up for within amazing features.

Announced within January 2008, the Sony Ericsson W760 is a quad band GSM device This means that it can be accustom anywhere among the world simply onward swapping out the SIM card while you arrive at your destination. Furthermore,because the Sony Ericsson W760 namely such a lofty annihilate apparatus the Sony Ericsson W760 likewise includes 3G data transfer speeds over the HSDPA and UMTS networks. As is the case with voice, these lofty velocity data transfers can be accessed anywhere within the world thanks to universal advocate.

Measuring amid at about four inches along two inches along a half of an inch Cheap Foamposites, the Sony Ericsson W760 is a surprisingly light device for including so many features. In addition, it weighs amid by only 103 grams, making it a organ you can procurable slip into your pocket alternatively purse meantime you are aboard the work.

In typical Sony Ericsson fashion, the battery life is impressive. Expect to obtain about nine hours of chat time alternatively 400 hours of standby period on a alone charge However,while accessing the 3G networks,forecast power cell phase to be fewer.

For such a lofty kill phone, the Sony Ericsson W760 does never have a high end shade The resolution namely only 240 along 320 pixels and the color depth is only 262k colors. Compared to other phones among this price range that include a 16 million color seasoned shade the Sony Ericsson W760 looks flat and bland.

On the affirmative side gem green foamposite, the digital camera is impressive aboard the Sony Ericsson W760. It features three.two megapixels of resolution,video advocate and two.5x digital zoom.

Multimedia is quite well supported aboard the Sony Ericsson W760,accordingly the W forward the prototype number which denotes Walkman (Sony's trademark media actor All of the highest popular audio and movie formats are supported as well as FM radio. Furthermore Foamposites Translucent, it boasts stereo speakers and a diversity of motion enabled controls for use with music and gaming. The built-in 40 MB of memory can available be expanded through Memory Stick Micro cards.

Other features include Bluetooth two.0 advocate a tremendous phone paperback,an disturb a calendar a stopwatch, a to-do account a notepad, a calculator, a digit of voice commands, a voice recorder, a speakerphone, email advocate GPS advocate and various fitness and navigation applications.


* Tons of features

* 3G / GPS support

* Great digital camera

* Excellent multimedia player

* Long battery life


* Not principally attractive


The Sony Ericsson W760 is a fantastic phone if you do never absence a touch shade utensil making it possible the highest quality traditional cell phone aboard the mall today. Unfortunately, the lofty cost puts the Sony Ericsson W760 right among the line of sight of many of the touch shade devices that are flying off of shelves. This is the phone to obtain whether you are entirely sure that a touch screen utensil namely never as you.Michael Shade namely the author of treatises such as Sony Ericsson W760, Sony Ericsson Cell Phone Reviews, and Cell Phone Reviews. Visit Sony Ericsson W760.If you need further information just follow this:


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